The Concept

HomeMeetsWork_guysThe original concept was developed by Milton Jacobs, a Certified Safety Professional of Safety Solution Consultants, Inc. in 2000. The main concept is that safety is a public health challenge (on and off the job) and not just a workplace event.  Home safety stories and anecdotes are used within workplace safety presentations to gain ”personal” buy in for safety.  For every workplace safety issue, there is a corresponding home safety illustration.  

The major principles of Home Meets Work!(R) are as follows:

  • Safety is a public health issue and not only a workplace event.
  • Safety begins at home.
  • Safety is a personal and intrinsic value that we all have.
  • Safety Education is an on-going process that never ends.
  • The use of home safety anecdotes in workplaces can help change mindsets.

A major focus of the Home Meets Work!(R) is the education of employees and the development of their on and off the job accident prevention skills. This results in protecting your valuable assets (employees) and also saving money. A recent National Safety Council study has estimated that the average cost of off the job injuries is $718 per employee. If your employee is injured off the job, your health insurance typically covers the cost of the injury, so in the end, prevention is a worthwhile endeavor.