26 Dec, 2012  |  Written by Milt Jacobs  |  under Blog Post

It’s that time of year again when we are out of work and school with the children and family to celebrate the holidays.  This is a time to enjoy those scrumptious cakes and cookies, getting together with friends and of course preparing excellent meals.

Nothing ruins a festive time more than an injury or accident. (As my mom used to say, “It is all fun and games until someone…”).

Below are some items that I try to keep in mind (the safety mindset) during the holidays:

For those of us that are handy in the kitchen, don’t let a cut from a knife spoil your ability to hold that glass of eggnog.  Be sure that you use the correct knife for the situation (sharp carving knife for the meat) and remember to turn the blades down in the dishwasher.

Lighten those loads so you are not laid up with a back injury during the holidays.  Even Santa lighten his loads so he can get into those tight chimney spaces!

Pick up the ”stuff” before your slide and fall.  There will be lots of wrapping paper, shoes, cardboard boxes, toys and wire ties on the floor.  Look out for the slide and fall (versus the slip and fall).  Pick up the “stuff” off the floor as soon as you can.

Enjoy the spiked eggnog but sometimes it can sneak up on you like a predator- so beware.  Just make sure you have a plan B if you plan to sample that spiked eggnog.

Enjoy your holiday season and don’t forget your safety mindset!

Milton Jacobs