25 Jun, 2007  |  Written by Milt Jacobs  |  under Articles

We are not living in the now. We worry about tomorrow and think about yesterday and are not truly concentrating or focusing on what is going on right NOW!

We neglect to take safety personally. There is little emphasis on Educating on “Why” safety is personally important to you and your family on and off the job. Also, most safety training is in-frequent, lacks attendee focused objectives and is not measured for effectiveness.

We lack safety redundancy in our activities. We lack safety pre-planning in our activities and we also do not build redundant safety features based on the risk level of our activities.

We have the mindset that Accidents Happen . Most of us feel that there is nothing that can be done to prevent some accidents from happening, so we adopt the mindset that Accidents Happen. And guess what?

What Can You Do?

Practice Holistic safety and become PRESENT. Live in the PRESENT versus the past or future. Every time you catch yourself “daydreaming”, observe the thought until you become fully conscious of it. When you do, you are truly paying ATTENTION! This will also help with enjoying your life in general!

Practice safety at home. I am a firm believer that safety begins at home (thus the Home Meets Work TM concept). Use your safety glasses when using the saw at home or when cutting the grass and encourage your family members to live and work safely. Then, take safety to work!

Adopt the mindset that Accidents don’t just happen- Accidents Happen … To Be Preventable ®! The mind moves along the path of expectations. So if you believe it, guess what?

Build safety redundancy into our activities in the same manner that automobiles and airplanes have redundant safety features. While we are human and all make errors, these errors do not have to lead to accidents!

Keep that healthy fear alive! Tight-rope walkers survive their rope walking adventure because of skill and a “healthy fear” or respect for falling. We all have that healthy fear and should not mute it.

Get regular education about safety and the risks/hazards encountered. Do it often and in different ways with a focus on prevention and skills building versus just getting it done! Then go out and have a safe but fun time!

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