It has been my pleasure to work with Safety Solution Consultants, Inc. at various ABM Engineering locations throughout the New York and New Jersey area over the past five years.

As you know, with over 62,000 employees worldwide, safety is of utmost importance to us. It is critical to not only us but our clients. Your team has helped us to achieve our safety objectives and this has resulted in not only cost savings but also resulted in injury prevention.

Recently, you led a team at one of our facilities that achieved the prestigious OSHA VPP Star designation without any OSHA recommendations. This was not only the right thing to do for our employees, but it also helped us achieve our client’s objective.

Thank you for the high quality, professional expertise that Safety Solution Consultants, Inc. provides. We look forward to working with you in the future.

James Minto
Vice President and Regional Manager
ABM Engineering Services
Eastern Region

The card you presented, “Why Do Accidents Happen and Prevention Tips” was an excellent take away for our employees. It emphasizes what each and every one of us can do to prevent accidents from occurring. The connection that was made to home safety was a message that our employees haven’t heard in this type of presentation and was welcomed.

Kevin R. Ford

Ford Motor Company

I want to take the time to thank you for your presentation to the Small Housing Authority Director’s Organization (SHADO)… As always, your presentation of “Accidents Happen to be Preventable”, was pertinent, timely and highly entertaining. Use of examples that people can relate to in their day to day lives certainly brings to light the points that you made to our group. Your presentation is still often brought up in conversation and thanks your teaching style, your presentation will remain with those fortunate attendees for a very long time.

Thank you once again for agreeing to speak to our group, You can look forward to your next housing authority presentation, as I will be in the audience!

Susan Horner
Past President
Small Housing Authority Director’s Organization

I am writing to express our appreciation for the interesting and informative Life Safety Training Sessions that you have prepared and delivered to our Property Managers. More than one manager has mentioned to me how worthwhile the sessions have been, raising their awareness of life safely issues and prevention measures that had not previously been considered. Your topics have also been well targeted to our particular needs, such as evacuation procedures, fire drills, roof loads, respirators, asbestos, and mold. I feel that as a property management firm, we are much better prepared today through your efforts to address and respond to both minor and major safety issues.

The proof of the value we see in your consultancy is that we continue to grow our relationship and expand your scope of work. Please feel free to have any prospective client contact me for more information.

John W. Filbin
Senior Vice President
Nordblum Real Estate Solutions

I want to thank you and your staff for the safety and hazardous waste training, seminars and consulting services that you have provided us over the past four years.

Your concept of prevention as it pertains to Emergency Response (as you sometimes call it “Emergency Prevention”), Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction is unique, especially as it applies to us here in the United States Virgin Islands. I have also been told that your seminars and programs have a lasting impact on our attendees which as you are aware include: fire, police, emergency management, local government liaisons, Park Service, medical and even private sector participants. There are very few, if any, 8-hour classes/workshops that I attend that kept my attention as yours did.

I must also say that your insight and thoughts as given in some recent seminars such as your most recent seminar, “Preparing for the New Threat” has been adopted by some local agencies.

We look forward to another one of your thought provoking exercises on St. John in the future, and once again thank you for your assistance in this process.

Conrad E. Knowles
State Training and Exercise Officer
Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency

Over the past six years, your company’s assistance with our safety process has proved extremly helpful, not only from an employee morale standpoint but also from a Workers’ Compensation point of view. We have seen a marked reduction in accident costs since implementing our various safety initiatives under Safety Solution Consultants’ direction.

Most recently, your motivational speeches were the talk of the facility for days after the presentation. In my opinion, your positive attitude and willingness to work with all levels of the organization has truly helped our safety culture. Our employees truly see you as a trusted source of information and respect and accept your opinions and recommendations.

Chris Shea
Human Resources Manager, PHR
Consumer Products Group/ Kennametal

Just a brief note of sincere thanks for an excellent presentation. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, found your discussion and demonstration informative and interesting. I hope you feel as good as I do about what we were able to accomplish and commit to videotape.

A special thanks to Pat and Laurie for their prompt and professional support throughout the production process… I truly enjoyed our collaboration and look forward to working together in the near future.

RTN Television Productions

The topic of “Safety is Not Common Sense” was a wonderful blend of personal, home and workplace health and safety concepts. Your presentation was engaging and humorous and was exactly what we needed to drive home our point that safety does not stop when you leave the job! Many of the employees remarked later that they enjoyed hearing you speak. Your enthusiasm and sincerity were greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth K. Spies

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals